Thursday, July 24, 2008

Richard "The Middle Man" Joel

The World Jewish Digest interviews YU President Richard Joel and tries to pin him down ideologically, ultimately unsuccessfully (link):

WJD: What about [Yeshivat] Chovevei Torah?... How do you see YU as different from Chovevei and how, if at all, has YU had to reposition itself or reevaluate itself in light of it?

RJ: Yeshiva University has 7,000 students, an annual budget of $670 million, an endowment of over a billion dollars, about 5,000 employees; we have a minimum of 40 students a year graduating from our rabbinical school, 750 for our undergraduate schools... So what is it you are asking me to compare?...

Part of what YU does is say, be secure in your particularism but be adventurous in learning from those around you...

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