Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Periodical: Tradition 41:1 (Spring 2008)

There is a new issue of Tradition (link). I have not yet seen it but the table of contents makes it look like a must read. Note that subscribers can read the articles online.

  • Editor's Note: "So Soon?" A Nahmanidean Meditation on Death by Shalom Carmy
  • Music During Sefirah and the Three Weeks by Moshe Bleich
  • May A Labor Coach Ride on Shabbat? by Alfred Cohen
  • The Rav and the “Tale Told by the Heavens” by Shubert Spero
  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Is the Milk We Drink Kosher? by J. David Bleich
  • From The Pages of Tradition: Judith Ish-Kishor: This Too Shall Pass by Shnayer Z. Leiman
  • Review Essay: Jewish Business Ethics and the Modern Marketplace by Aaron Levine
  • Book Review: Democracy and Tradition by Jeffrey Stout by Michael Helfand
  • Communications: Menachem Meier, J. David Bleich; Seth Farber, J. David Bleich; Bernard Septimus, David Horowitz; Daniel S. Berman, Alfred Cohen

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