Friday, April 04, 2008

Printing The Talmud

Yeshiva University Museum's exhibit and book about the printing of the Talmud is now available online (link.

President Richard Joel writes:

In the same way that the invention of the printing press in the 15th century caused a revolution in the world of education and scholarship, the electronic tidal wave in our own time has transformed the world by providing immediate and global access to knowledge.

Yeshiva University is proud to be a part of this continuing transformation by presenting the world with this remarkable gift - the online version of Yeshiva University Museum's groundbreaking exhibition and catalogue, Printing the Talmud: From Bomberg to Schottenstein.

Click here to read moreBecause of the overwhelming success of the 2005 exhibition, and the demand for digital information, the Yeshiva University Museum invested more than a year to bring this exciting display online.

With this Web gallery, visitors may view the amazing manuscripts and printed books gathered for the exhibition in a more personal way. Instead of residing behind glass, the documents are right in a viewer's home, office, or living room - able to be enlarged, examined, and read.

We at Yeshiva University are pleased to be able to bring together the timeless knowledge of the Talmud with the ephemeral nature of the Internet in this online exhibit, which truly embodies the principles of Torah U'Madda - general learning and Judaic knowledge - benefiting from each other.

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