Monday, March 17, 2008

New Periodical and Articles of Interest

  • New Issue of Jewish Educational Leadership on the subject of "Kids at Risk": link

  • An article of mine in the Kol Hamevaser section of The Commentator: Blogging a Message: Getting your message out in the most effective way

  • (Note: The following two articles are not for the average yeshiva student who may be uncomfortable with non-traditional views about the Bible.)

  • Prof. Richard Elliott Friedman's review in Biblical Archeological Review of James Kugel's book How to Read the Bible, in which Friedman points out that the book largely shows the contradictions between Orthodox Judaism and modern biblical scholarship: link

  • Prof. James Kugel responds to Friedman and says that he raised a strawman of Orthodox Judaism to knock down. The book shows the contradictions between modern scholarship and all streams of Judaism and Christianity that are even remotely traditional: link

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