Friday, March 14, 2008

Merkaz HaRav Memorial Book

From the Merkaz Memorial (paid announcement):

To all the readers of Hirhurim, we need your help!

We are organizing a major fundraising campain to honor the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack at Merkaz Harav. Our fundraising efforts will go towards publishing a book in their memory which will be a compilation of articles written by different prominent Rabbis on the subject of Unity.

Click here to read moreWe had many ideas on how to honor the victims, and none were perfect. This one is not perfect either. Still, we opted for this one since:
1. It will be a lasting memorial for those killed, not something which goes away after a while.
2. It will bring a lot of merit to their souls whenever people read words of Torah from these books.
3. It is something everyone can unite towards.

Ideologically, it also seems like an appropriate response – fighting darkness with light.

Our website is set up at
Please visit it for more details and to make generous contributions. We cannot do this project alone and we need everyone's help.

We have been endorsed by Hillel Montreal and have been mentioned on Arutz Sheva:

This is an effort which can only be accomplished through your support. We ask that you donate generously and that you please spread the word on various blogs, e-mail groups, facebook groups, and through any other means of communication to friends, family, colleagues, and associates. By reaching out to more people about this project we will inevitably get closer to reaching our goals.
Donate and encourage others to donate!

Together, we can make this happen!

This is important!

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