Friday, March 28, 2008

Announcements #031

  • Shabbat with Rav Amnon Bazak of Har Etzion

    The Rabbi Israel D. Rosenberg Educational Institute
    Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills

    Invites you to

    Spend Shabbat with Rav Bazak in Kew Gardens Hills

    April 4-5 Shabbat Ha-Hodesh

    Click here to read moreLeil Shabbat 9:30pm – (in Hebrew) Shitat Ha-behinot B'limmud Tanakh
    At the home of Deena and Larry Rabinovich

    Shabbat morning
    10:30am –Drasha

    6:00pm – The Relationship between Mishkan and Mikdash as Paralleling that of Sukkot and Pesach

    7:00pm – The Four Sons of the Haggadah and their Biblical Sources

    Except for Leil Shabbat, Shiurim are in English at Cong. Etz Chaim 147-19 73rd Ave. Info: Azi Lipshtat or R. Moshe Rosenberg

    Yom Iyun in Sefer Shmuel

    Sunday April 6th

    Rav Amnon Bazak
    Rav David Silber

    Morning session –10:00-12:00
    Rav Bazak—Shiur on First Perek of Shmuel Alef
    Rav Silber—Shiur on Last Perek of Shmuel Bet

    Afternoon Roundtable – 12:30-2:00
    Moderated by Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg

    Chapter 15 of Shmuel Alef:
    Shaul and Amalek as a Key to the Themes of Sefer Shmuel

    $5.00 Suggested Donation

    Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills
    147-19 73rd Ave Flushing, NY 11367

    Info: R. Moshe Rosenberg

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