Friday, November 30, 2007

JNews Roundup VIII

by Raphael Davidovich and Gil Student

  • Biblical Wall found (Breitbart)
  • City of Jerusalem brings suit against stores that sold Chometz over Pesach (Yeshiva World)

  • R. Raphael Marcus, son-in-law of R. Ahron Soloveichik, passes away at age 57 (Canadian Jewish News)
  • Professors debate about Jewish History Library (Forward vs. Forward)
  • Detroit Federation vs. the National Umbrella Group (Forward)
  • American Gentile fights to preserve Lithuanian Jewish Library (Forward)
  • Union protests Kosher Slaughterhouse (Forward)
  • Rabbis discuss Facebook (Canadian Jewish News)

  • NY State fighting over Religious Freedom Bill in Albany (Jewish Week)
  • Revitalizing Fairlawn, with help from YU (Jewish Standard)

  • Annapolis and Chanukah related News is all over the net, so I didn't bother.

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