Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parashah Roundup: Chayei Sarah 5768

by Steve Brizel

Avraham and Jewish Continuity

  • R. Jonathan Sacks tells us why Avraham's actions in securing a burial place and in finding a shidduch are vital lessons today: link
  • R. Berel Wein informs us why Sarah Imeinu continues to play a vital role in our lives: link
  • R. Shlomo Riskin teaches us that all of the details surrounding the burial of Sarah are meant to emphasize that the spiritual life is immortal and that a life devoid of spirituality is temporary and fleeting: link

  • The Relationship Between Avraham and Sarah

  • Dr. Ruth Wolf explores the marital relationship between Avraham and Sarah and what we can learn from it: link
  • R. Zvi Sobolofsky discusses Chesed as the main ingredient and guide to a successful marriage: link

  • Avraham and Grief

  • R. Yissachar Frand investigates how Avraham Avinu was able to purchase the Meoras HaMachpelah in the time of his deepest grief: link

  • The Third Wife

  • R. Yaakov Medan explores who was Keturah: link

  • The Life of Sarah

  • R. Zev Leff analyzes how the life of Sarah inspired Queen Esther: link

  • Mitzvos, Halacha and Details

  • R. Avigdor Nevenzal tells us that even the most seemingly meaningless passages in the Torah are filled with the most profound meaning: link
  • R. Yaakov Haber (formerly of RIETS and now living and teaching in Israel) explores the sources of Gmilus Chasadim: link

  • Avraham, Eliezer & Rivkah

  • R. Chanoch Waxman discusses the detailed process of the selection of Rivkah: link
  • R. Mordechai Willig focuses on the key factors in choosing a spouse: link
  • R. Efraim Buchwald investigates what Avraham was looking for in a shidduch for Yitzchak: link

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