Monday, October 29, 2007

New Periodical: The Jewish Word vol. 1 no. 2

I received another issue of The Jewish Word. The newspaper has a number of right-wing op-eds on various topics. There is also an article about R. Shlomo Amar that is quite good in that it tries to show his efforts regarding conversion standards in a positive light, which I think it succeeds in doing.

There is still no devar Torah. However, there is a picture on the front page of R. Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the leading Torah scholar in the Lithuanian yeshiva world. I'm not sure why a Religious Zionist newspaper would publish such a picture on its front page, especially when it has no connection to any story. If I were the editor I would have published a picture along with a eulogy/obituary of R. Avraham Shapira, whose recent passing is unmentioned in the paper.

Later in the newspaper there is a picture of R. Shlomo Amar, Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, and a different picture of... the pope. However, I think the pope might be part of an advertisement for Touro. The entire page is in a different font and it is a puff piece about Touro's medical school. So I suspect that it might be an ad.

Somewhat tone deaf is the front-to-back page eulogy for Rebbitzen Tendler by her children. There's no need to go into detail about why that editorial decision is just so, so wrong.

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