Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jnews Roundup II

I am still looking for someone to write this on a regular basis.

  • Religious Zionist rabbis to perform conversions without recognition of the Israeli Rabbinate (Haaretz)
  • Outrage over the plan to split Jerusalem (Arutz Sheva, Jewish Week, OU)
  • Sephardim disenfranchised by Ashkenazic Charedim (Jpost blog, Yeshiva World)
  • Gary Rosenblatt starts a blog (Jewish Week, his blog)
  • Archaeologists challenge anti-Israel Barnard professor (Forward)
  • Shabbos in the age of technology (Forward)/li>
  • London Beth Din rejects heter mekhirah but permits food that is accidentally purchased (Jerusalem Post)
  • Reform rabbi argues that the siddur's text must remain traditioinal (JTA, and a counter-argument)
  • Extradition requested for pedophile rabbi (NY Daily News)
  • Pluralistic school rabbi charged with sexual acts with student (News Record)

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