Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nora'os Ha-Rav

A message from R. David Schreiber, author of the highly acclaimed Nora'os Ha-Rav series:

The 15th volume containing an in-depth exposition of the Mussaf of Rosh Hashanah is still in print. This volume is cited extensively in Rabbi Lustiger’s newest Machzor, Masores Harav, and exhaustively describes the arrangement of the Pesukim in the mussaf as well as the various motifs expressed therein. However, the bookstores are reluctant to stock old volumes unless they first ascertain interest from their customers. Would you be able to alert your readership to this and ask anyone who is interested in purchasing the volume to make the request at their local book store. The bookstore will then be able to contact the distributor and arrange for delivery.
If you are interested in this book, please ask for it in your local Jewish bookstore and tell them that it is available from the distributor.

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