Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Shame

For Shame

1. Kudos to the bishops for refusing to speak to the press about Rudy Giuliani's view on abortion (link). There's little upside -- pro-lifers know where he and the bishops stand -- and it will likely alienate marginal Catholics. And shame on the NY Times for trying to impute the bishops with nefarious motives, like waiting until the time is right to pounce or remaining silent because of tax concerns.

2. Germany blatantly discriminating against someone because of his religious views -- bad idea (link). I've got no love for Scientology or this actor, but this is just plain, old-fashioned discrimination. Shame on them.

3. Tzeni'us in Manila churches, le-havdil (link). The real shame is that it needs to be said.

(Yes, I'm staying away from Israeli politics. But I wrote it and deleted it three times until I conquered my desire to post about it.)

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