Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wisdom Among the Nations

R. Avraham Kook, Orot, p. 152, translated in Ben Zion Bokser, The Essential Writings of Abraham Isaac Kook, p. 202:

God was charitable towards His world by not endowing all talents in one place, nor with one person, nor with one nation, nor with one country, nor with one generation, nor with one world. But the talents are diffused. The necessity of seeking perfection, which is the most important force that acts on us, causes us to seek an exalted unity that is bound to come for the world. In that day will the Lord be one, and His name one.

The disposition to universality always fills the hearts of the refined spirits of the human race. They therefore feel as though they are choking if they should be confined within the sphere of their own nation solely.

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