Monday, April 16, 2007

Seforim Update

It seems silly to just link to another blog (Seforim) but I found these posts so fascinating that I encourage my readers who have not already seen them to do so:

  • Minhagei Yisrael - The eighth and final volume of R. Daniel Sperber's important series has been published.

  • R. Yosef Tvi Dunner - A brief eulogy for the last graduate of the Hildesheimer Institute.

  • Tosefos Ri Ha-Zaken on Shabbos - This could be interesting because there are a few Tosafoses in Shabbos that are unnamed but which I believe represent specifically the Ri's view. This could clarify the matter if it specifies who saidwhat. But if it turns out to be almost exactly the same as the volumes of Tosafos already published, then not so interesting.

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