Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rally in Boca Raton

From Rabbi Efrem Goldberg:

Yesterday, over 85 people assembled to make the statement that withholding a GET, a Jewish divorce is simply unacceptable and intolerable. Were you among them?

Join us again today, Tuesday, February 27th at 12:30 pm outside of Dr. Abisror’s office at 1900 Glades Rd. He has not given a get for ten years leaving his wife an agunah, a chained woman unable to remarry and move on with her life.

Please note:

1. Do not park outside of the building at 1900 Glades Rd. There is parking at the building immediately beforehand or outside one of the stores in the area.

2. Please do not call Dr. Abisror’s office. It can be construed as harassment and could compromise our efforts.

3. Please bring a water bottle with you.

4. Please tell as many people as you can.

Thanks for your participation in this important mitzvah and effort!!

Letter from here (PDF):
To HaRav Herschel Schachter טילש " א ,
Re: A Request for help to procure a Get for Mrs. Naomi Baruch from her Husband Dr. David Abisrur

1. Mrs. Naomi Baruch is living in Israel.

2. A number of months ago Mrs. Baruch turned to the Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Amar טילש " א, to help her receive a Get from her husband who is living in Boca Raton, Florida.

3. The Chief Rabbi was very distressed from her situation that Mrs. Naomi has not been living with her husband for over ten years. She has been civilly divorced from her husband for over ten years and he refuses to grant her a Get.

4. The Chief Rabbi transferred this case to the director of the Rabbinic Beth Din, HaRav Eliyahu Ben Dahan טילש " א , in order to help Mrs. Naomi receive her Get and HaRav Ben Dahan asked me to come up with a resolution to this problem.

5. Since Mrs. Naomi is not a citizen of the State of Israel there is a legal formality that prevents the Beth Din from issuing a letter stating that the husband is obligated to grant her a Get.

6. It should be pointed out, that they were married a total of around two years. For the wife it was her second marriage and for the husband, his third. There are no children and no dispute over possessions. The husband is a psychiatrist and has a clinic in Boca Raton.

7. Two months ago we (I and HaRav Eliyahu Ben Dahan) travelled to Florida in order to try to meet with the husband. We were helped by HaRav Yehuda Ben Chamo טילש " א who married the couple twelve years ago and serves as the Rabbi of a congregation in Hollywood, Florida. Despite the fact that we tried many times to meet with him, including calling him on the telephone, we even went to his house, but the husband refused to open the door for us and ordered us to leave.

8. A month ago HaRav Ben Chamo was able to reach him and he felt from the conversation that he did not intend to give the Get and he just wanted to embitter his wife’s life.

9. Therefore, the only option left is to use communal pressure by means of protesting outside his clinic in Boca Raton and I am convinced that with the help of G‐d this will cause him to grant his wife a Get.

10. Therefore, I am turning to you that with the help of ORA, to help this women receive her Get.

HaRavShmuel Gamliel
Agunot Department

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