Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Article Round-Up

  • A new issue of the journal Hakirah has been published: link. I am continually surprised by the quality of articles they manage to publish. It seems that for now they are only putting online the first two pages of each article. I haven't seen the journal yet but I did read a relatively late draft of R. Chaim Eisen's article Maharal’s Be’er ha-Golah and His Revolution in Aggadic Scholarship. It is a must-read in order to understand the various traditional approaches to aggadah and, in particular, how the Maharal's approach has been often misrepresented. It is worth it to buy the journal for just this article. Other articles listed also look interesting but I have not seen them yet.

  • A new issue of The Edah Journal, now called Meorot, has been published online: link. I'm not yet ready to comment on any of the articles but I find the topic of halakhah and warfare to be fascinating (although Tradition beat them to the punch by a few weeks). Dr. Marc Shapiro's article on R. Ovadiah Yosef, which I have not yet read, also looks quite interesting.

  • Bar Ilan's JSIJ has posted some forthcoming articles from their next issue: link

  • Chana over at Curious Jew took copious notes during a lecture by R. Mordechai Willig on genetic testing. Worth the read: link (audio of a similar lecture)

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