Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kosher Rabbi

A neighbor showed me the following ad from this week's (American) Yated Neeman. He added an impassioned, "Why? WHY?"

For those who can't read the ad, it says:

[Big font]$20,000 Cash Reward
[small font]Everyone can use a little extra cash, and here's an easy way.

Just ask your Rabbi* to give in writing that one is allowed to go to mixed gym to work out when there is a separate gym available.

You get it in writing - we'll hand the cash! $20,000!

However, just in case he tells you "What are you crazy! Of course you can't go - you'll get tons of aveiros just for walking in,"

[medium font]We'll Give You A Reward Just For Trying!

(Kosher Gym information)

[tiny font]* No, you can't ask Rabbi Shirley from Temple Beth Am. Obviously we are not going to accept any "p'sak from a non-qualified Rabbi, such as conservative, reform, woman rabbit, or anyone practicing outside of the realm of halacha. We reserve the right to disqualify any Rabbi for unless they have a Religious Shul and are accepted by the Moetzes Gedolai Torah as being a Rav who is fit to pasken. The Pask along with the rav's name will be published in any form of media we chose. Special circumstances do not apply. Other restrictions may apply.
(Do not assume that spelling and grammatical errors are mine.)

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