Friday, July 21, 2006

Yeshiva Soldiers

One of R. Meir Goldwicht's classic stories is when he was in combat in Lebanon and they had a brief respite from battle on a Friday night. Rather than rest, he and some fellow soldiers made kiddush and spent the time singing zemiros and saying divrei Torah. This story inevitably leads to R. Goldwicht's starting the tune for "Achas Sha'alti" that they sang that night.

It seems to me that a believing Jew would prefer to have soldiers like that, strong in their faith and their practice (not that any soldier, regardless of belief or practice, does not deserve our profound gratitude). That is why this picture, which has been up on Drudge for hours, seems to me so meaningful.

I don't know who that soldier is, nor whether his prayers will be answered. But that sight inspires me to prayer and my thoughts will be with him and his courageous colleagues. May Hashem watch over all of them.

(See also the picture in this post)

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