Friday, June 16, 2006

The Jewish Standard on Blogs

Jewish Standard articles on blogs:
JIBs won by Hirhurim:
Mentions of Hirhurim in said articles:
3 (I, II, III)

I should add that I grew up reading The Jewish Standard and my parents still read it every week. I guess they should subscribe to The Jewish Press instead.

(For those who are going to tell me to get over myself or stop kvetching, I heard that someone in the Five Towns is going to start a sense of humor Gemach. Maybe you should look into it. I'm in a light-hearted mood, which last time I checked isn't a crime. So why don't you get over yourself? Huh? Ever think of that? Maybe I'm also in a defensive mood, but that's OK. It's Friday afternoon and Shabbos is almost here. So let's rejoice and go shopping.)

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