Friday, December 09, 2005

Cynicism, Bitterness and the Future

It has been correctly pointed out that recent posts have displayed a certain amount of bitterness and cynicism. I can't imagine how someone trained in a yeshivah could have developed such traits(, he cynically and sarcastically wrote).

I hope I've gotten it out of my system and will continue blogging as before the recent bout with Slifkinitis. Some planned topics for the next week or two (which may or may not actually get written):

- Bitul be-rov
- Peace in Israel
- More on Eruvin in Brooklyn
- Is it permissible to read/watch the Narnia books/movies?
- The much-anticipated final installment of the Vomiting in Halakhah series
- A special discount for Hirhurim readers on a new book

UPDATE: I forgot to mention an upcoming Podcast this week.

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