Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blog Awards

Israelly Cool, in conjunction with the Jerusalem Post, is hosting awards for Jewish and Israeli Blogs (JIB) in 2005. So far, this blog has been nominated in three categories (Best Overall Blog, Best Jewish Religion Blog, Best Series). Thank you to those who nominated the blog. I'll let you know when voting starts.

Krum as a Bagel suggested a category for best commenter. I've decided to give my own awards for different categories of commenters. Rather than going through a whole nomination and voting process, I'm just declaring winners.

Most prolific and enigmatic use of acronyms in comments: Steve Brizel

Most cynical commenter: Shmarya

Most sought-after commenter: Nachum Klafter

Most self-promoting commenter: Dovbear

Most frequent commenter via e-mail: Shmuel [last name withheld]

And, a blog category that didn't make it to the JIB awards:

Blog that most frequently censors comments: A tie between Hirhurim and Cross Currents

Congratulations to all the winners. No, you don't get anything other than the prestige.

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