Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sarah, Wombs, Hazal and Science II

Following up on this post, I was that R. Yitzhak Sorotzkin (Rinas Yitzhak, Gen. 16:4) quotes the Panim Yafos as saying that when Rashi (Gen. 15:5) states
"He said to him, 'Leave your astrological calculations that you have seen in the constelations that you are not destined to have a son. It is Avram who will have no son, but Avraham will have a son. Similarly, it is Sarai who will not give birth, but Sarah will give birth.'" he means that Sarai/Sarah was miraculously healed. In our context, that would mean that her physiology was changed via miracle to include a womb.

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