Friday, November 04, 2005

Courage, Anonymity and Faith in God

Chananya Weissman makes the point in this week's Jewish Press that people who suppress their true opinions or pronounce them anonymously due to fear of repercussion (particularly in regard to marriage prospects of their own or their children) lack true faith in God:

Indeed, the average Jew on the street will readily agree that Hashem is fully in charge of shidduchim, and that human agents are nothing more than that. Yet the average Jew also conducts himself in a fashion that indicates otherwise — he will change his very lifestyle to suit presumed social expectations so that the human deities in charge of shidduchim will look favorably upon him.

Someone who conducts himself in this fashion is merely paying lip service to the One Above, and is to me nothing more than an agnostic.
I'm not sure if this is pathetically naive or entirely spot on (or both).

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