Thursday, November 03, 2005

Building on Momentum

Hirhurim is now rated by Technorati as seventh among Jewish blogs. Keep in mind that this is not only an Orthodox blog, but one that is largely devoted to fairly complex discussions of Judaism. No sports. No politics. No pop culture.

If I understand the rankings properly, if 17 new websites link to Hirhurim then the blog will rise to sixth. Another 50 or so will move the blog to fifth and then another dozen will move it up to fourth.

If you have a blog or personal website, please add a link to Hirhurim. If you run your shul's website, please add a link there. I am in the midst of populating a post -- to be featured on the sidebar -- that will contain links to any website that links to Hirhurim.*

How cool would it be to have a frum blog about halakhah and Jewish thought, one that italicizes Hebrew words and transliterates with something approaching consistency, be the number one Jewish blog?

* Link policy explained: I feel the need to keep control over the links on the sidebar itself and make sure that they are appropriate for and will not offend the vast majority of this blog's readers. This featured post will contain an explanation of how a link is added to the list and a warning that the links might not be for those easily offended.

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