Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Quick Musing On Simhas Torah

Simhas Torah is about the only time I'll submit to the claims of how allegedly discriminatory Orthodox Judaism is against women. Simply put, it stinks to be a female on Simhas Torah.

I mean, look at them! They just sit or stand and stare at the men dancing. How lame is that? How boring is that? I understand, in our community most women either have little children of their own or grandchildren who keep them busy. But what about the teenagers and older singles? And those grandmothers who don't have grandchildren with them at that time or the women all of whose children are old enough to dance with the men? I see them in shul staring at us and if they're not bored, I'm bored for them.

Why can't they just dance in the women's section? It's not like they need Torah scrolls to dance. They should just do something because they really freak me out, and have for years, just sitting there for hours staring at the men dance. If my wife could tell from up above that the cuff on my pants needs fixing and she was embarrassed on my behalf, she must have been really bored.

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