Thursday, October 13, 2005

Honor Roll II

All is forgiven. It was actually forgiven long before Yom Kippur, but the public recognition is much appreciated. Jason Maoz, senior editor of The Jewish Press, added to his list of blogs after "a disconcertingly large number of e-mails and phone calls." Hirhurim and Menachem Butler's AJ History blog were added and Dov Bear was mocked without being named (see the paragraph starting, "In the sour grapes department").

I bumped into R. Yaakov Klass on Yom Kippur and he greeted me, as usual, with his typical joyous salutation, but I thought I saw an extra smile on his face (granted, it was dark and pouring rain, so it could have been imagined). This might explain it.

Now I'll just have to wait and see how long until my mother-in-law, who reads every issue of The Jewish Press from cover to cover, calls to tell me about it.

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