Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shehitah Controversy

There is currently a controversy raging about the practice of one particular slaughterhouse. I have intentionally ignored the e-mails I've received about this for the following reasons:

1. I don't know enough about the facts in this case. Even a legitimate video put out by a respected non-partisan organization (and no one can honestly
call PETA respected or non-partisan) needs to be analyzed and considered. Knee-jerk reactions by either side are rarely a good thing.

2. I know the people at the OU and they are good people. They are not going to pass non-kosher meat off as kosher, regardless of the amount of money or the number of jobs at stake. On the other hand, if they think there is a problem they will do more than just say that there is a problem. They will look to fix it if possible or find other alternatives.

3. I have broached the subject with my contacts and they are being wisely cautious. When I hear something and I get permission to post it, I will. Right now, all I've got is what the journalists have written and they are not to be believed on complex matters of halakhah, particularly in defaming people who have earned (not they need to earn it) the benefit of the doubt.

News articles from both sides of the story (I & II).

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