Monday, June 28, 2010

Get-Together: More Information

This is your weekly reminder about the July 7th Hirhurim get-together/dinner (link 1, link 2, link 3, link). All readers, commenters and friends of the blog are invited to this free event. Free mugs and trinkets will be available, while supplies last.

Please RSVP to the event using this online form: link.

As mentioned, I will be paying for the evening but I am asking for help subsidizing the event by those who can. As encouragement for large donations, I am publishing a special Torah journal for the occasion. The journal is split into three sections:
1) Perspectives - hashkafic reflections on communal and personal directions
2) Technology - questions related to technology and Torah
3) Studies - discussions of general Torah topics

Here is the table of contents. The order is alphabetic by author's last name within each section. Note that some of these articles have been published elsewhere, but if you haven't seen them yet then they are new to you:

  • Introduction

  • Scientific Advance and the Jewish Moral Conscience — R. Yitzchok Adlerstein
  • The Makings of a Ben Torah — R. Norman Lamm
  • Modern Orthodoxy for Everyone? — R. Adam Mintz
  • Adaptability: The Key to Facing Our Future — R. Gidon Rothstein
  • Two Dimensions of Community — R. Reuven Ziegler

  • Teshuvot Regarding Technology — R. Shlomo Aviner
  • Connections — R. Micha Berger
  • Favorable Judgment in the Internet Age — R. Daniel Z. Feldman
  • “Infosnacking” and Halachah — R. Yair Hoffman
  • The Evolution of Halacha and the Internet — R. Ari Kahn
  • Technology and Moral Growth — R. Jay Kelman
  • Torah in English — R. Yaakov Klass
  • Reading another Person’s Letter — R. Moishe Dovid Lebovits
  • Downloading Music from “Sharing” Websites — R. Aryeh Lebowitz
  • Challenges of the Information Age — R. Jonathan Sacks
  • Technology and Personal Relationships — R. Meir Soloveichik
  • iPods and Hirhurei Torah — R. Gil Student

  • Godtalk: Should Religion Inform Public Debate? — R. J. David Bleich
  • Science, Halakha, and the Truth: The Case of Paternity Tests — R. Shlomo Brody
  • A Mathematical Analysis of the Structure of the Jewish Calendar — R. Michael J. Broyde
  • On First Names and Titles — R. Ari Enkin
  • Medical Enhancement: Promises and Perils — R. Joshua Flug
  • The “Kedoshim” Status of the Holocaust Victims — R. Aaron Rakeffet
You can order a copy of the journal on the RSVP form: link.

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