Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parashah Roundup: Vayishlakh 5769

by Steve Brizel

Yaakov Avinu's Meeting with Esau

  • Rav Soloveitchik zt"l sets forth the boundaries of ecumenical discussion: link
  • R. Hershel Shachter urges us to remember that we are both Gerim and Toshavim in our relationship with the outside world: link
  • R. Aharon Lichtensein suggests that Yaakov's experiences with Lavan and Esau teach us that a person may reach the loftiest spiritual heights in even the darkest of circumstances: link
  • R. Berel Wein reminds us that we should not accept a call for spirituality without the Torah: link
  • R. Yitzchak Adlerstein, based upon the Nesivos Shalom, explains the tactics that must be utilized in confronting Esau and his values: link
  • R. Baruch Simon examines the unique nature of the Malachim that escorted Yaakov Avinu and who he sent to Esau: link (audio)
  • R. Jonathan Sacks analyzes what happened when Yaakov met Esau: link
  • R. Asher Brander explains why Yaakov Avinu was fearful of meeting Esau: link

  • Click here to read moreYaakov Avinu's Battle with the Guardian Angel of Esau
  • R. Yissocher Frand explains the nature of the eternal battle against Esau and his values: link
  • R. Ephraim Buchwald explains why Yaakov Avinu confronted the Guardian Angel of Esau alone: link
  • R. David Horwitz, based upon the Kli Yakar, reminds us that one should run after God, and not money: link

  • The Issur of Gid HaNasheh
  • R. Asher Weiss discusses the halachic ramifications of Gid HaNasheh: link

  • Kever Rachel
  • R. Yitzchak Etshalom explains why Rachel waas buried separately from Yaakov: link
  • R. Aharon Lichtenstein suggests that complacency in reaching a spiritual goal as described by Rashi as the prelude to the actions of Reuven, Shimon and Levi should never be part of one's Avodas HaShem: link

  • Yaakov Avinu's Rejection of the Tactics and Arguments of Shimon and Levi
  • R. Yitzchak Etshalom and R. Amnon Bazak explore the tactics , response and behavior of Shimon and Levi, as well as Yaakov''s critical reaction: link 1, link 2
  • R. Shlomo Riskin, based upon the teachings of Rambam with respect to the acceptance of the Noachide Laws, examines the actions of Shimon and Levi, in the light of the contemporary battle against terror and the risk of collateral damage: link
  • R. Michael Rosensweig explains why Yaakov Avinu disdained the idealism of Shimon and Levi: link
  • R. Dovid Gottlllieb examines the halachic issues involved in Gerus Lshem Ishus: link (audio)

  • Shoalim Vdorshim Department
  • Rav Soloveitchik zt"l discusses halachic and hashkafic aspects of Chanukah: link

  • Last year's roundup: link

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