Sunday, October 05, 2008

Blog Testimonials

The books I am preparing will have a single rabbinic approbation from a rosh yeshiva. I think it would also help to have a page of blurbs about the blog from a broad spectrum of rabbis, academics and communal leaders (if possible). I expect it to be a page that at the top says in bold "Praise for the Blog" and below is a smaller disclaimer "This praise is based on personal experiences reading specific blog posts. Readers cannot be held responsible for reviewing everything that has been written in the over 2,500 blog posts in the past five years."

If you are a rabbi, academic or communal leader who feels comfortable writing a blurb, please e-mail it and your official title(s) to me at this e-mail address. I am hoping to have blurbs from a broad spectrum. Please keep in mind that both marketing and space considerations will probably not allow us to publish every single blurb received, but they will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Laypeople are also requested to send testimonials. Please include your name, occupation and the town in which you live.

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