Sunday, October 05, 2008

Audio Roundup XIII

by Joel Rich

Gmar Chatima Tova to all and if I have inadvertently offended anyone in any of my audio roundups or comments, please be mochel me as it was truly inadvertent. I'd also like to take this opportunity to be mochel anyone who offended me and urge all to do the same (tfillat Zaka is a great way to accomplish this).

  • Dating Tips for Men: link

    Hmmmm, I guess “What’s your sign?” doesn’t cut it any more. Dr. Pelcovitz, Rabbi Twersky and Rabbi Sobolofsky discuss issues that aiui have come up through YU’s “connectors” (nice name) of currently singles looking for love in all the right places. (reviewed at Steve Brizel’s request!)

    R’ Twersky’s audio quality suffered greatly to laryngitis. IIUC he differentiated between Talmudic patterns and current based on societal differences (e.g. get job first?). Must be emotionally ready and some plan for future (doesn’t need to be carved in stone). R’Sobolofsky points out that “lists” are for cheftza’s not gavra’s, need sensitivity and derech eretz. If you agreed to a date, go, even if you called and didn’t get good vibe (my term). Get back to people one way or another. Take friends advice with a grain of salt (especially if it’s “she’s absolutely not shayach” with no real backup) and be careful who you go to for advice during dating (me – would you trust this person to buy a used car? J), including parents (but don’t write them off because they’re not as “frum” as you – I write with an ironic grin). Don’t overdo the advance questions. (me- kach mkublani mbeit avi abba – be a mentch!)

    Dr. Pelcowitz spoke of developing a shared vision. Don’t expect to be head over heels or nothing. Even in the outside world more young people remain financially dependent on parents (me – chukat hagoyim issue?). Importance of two-way communications.

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  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff - early maariv minyan in Hillcrest: link

    Discussion of microphones, Meiri’s introduction into halacha, davening/tfillin before zman (holocaust related as well) and Maariv after plag (Hillcrest Minyan) as a shaat hadchak

    3 questions: 1) Should the individual who knows its shaat hadchak eschew the “early maariv”? 2) Is a community better off with a l’chatchila maariv even knowing fewer people will attend? 3) What is the chronologically earliest trophy in the Y.I. of Hillcrest youth trophy case (if it’s still there?).

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Birchos Hamitzvos: When and Why?: link

    Discussion of status of brachot drabannan or doraita. Insight of R’YBS concerning the relationship of birchat hanehenin and birchat hamitzva as matirin (me-consistent with his views on prayer as a chiddush).

  • Mrs. Elana Stein Hain - High Holidays and World Religions - Fasting : link

    Sources and comparison of Moslem and Jewish fast days – it’s not just asceticism. Interesting listening as intellectual thought – not sure how many CPE Torah time credits though.

  • Rabbi Yonason Sacks - Ki Savo - Tochacha and Arvus: link

    Rabbi Sacks discusses the 2 versions of the tochecha and the meaning of use of singular (implies all) and plural (implies each individual). Extends this as the source of the concept of Arevut (we’re all in it together). Beautiful insight from the Shita Mekubetzet on how the extent of our pain when others suffer implies guf echad (one body) and true arvut.

  • Rabbi Yonason Sacks - contemporary Halakhah III Sukkah: link

    Uses sukkot as a springboard to a discussion of Hechsher mitzvah haketuva bkra, darshinan taama dkra (especially where reason given in the Torah) and mitzvat rshut. Includes an insight from the GRA on how Atah bchartanu, Ahavta otanu and ratzita banu reflect each of the 3 rgalim.

  • Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum - The Why and How of Checking Tefillin & Mezuzos: link

    From the British website Insights such as:
    • Computer checking can’t work because rules are too complex (seemed odd to me).
    • Ashkenaz mezuzah ok for sfard and vice versa but not preferred.
    • Difference in letter formation (chasidish, ashkenaz…) is due to original asseret hadibrot ktav looking a bit different depending on one’s angle of observation (interesting thought).

  • Rabbi Daniel Feldman - Oseik Bimitzvah Patur Min Hamitzvah: link

    Spectrum of opinions as to when haosek bmitzvah patur applies – is it if only can’t do both or even if could, what type of mitzvah does it apply to and is it exemption from 2nd or focus on 1st. Does patur mean exempt, but you can do or there’s no kiyum if you do 2nd. Answer to all the above – yes and no.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Everything you wanted to know about Prozbol: link

    Detailed discussion of history, source of allowance and practical details of Hashmatat kesafim and prozbol. Interesting insight into why it wasn’t practiced for years prior to the Rama and implication for our times.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Pas Akum During Aseres Yimei Teshuva: link

    Discussion of Pat Yisrael and Bishul Yisrael as being based on concern over Chatnut. So what happened to Pat Yisrael? Shaat hadechak! But for a short period of time (asseret ymei tshuvah) we go back to “where we should be”. Specifics regarding what involvement makes it not pat nochri and how define pat. (me – and how does that tie back to chatnut or kashrut again?)

  • Unchartered Waters - Adam Siegel, Michelle Gordon and Rabbi Emanuel Feldman gather around the dinning room table to discuss charter schools, the tuition crisis, an OU sponsored trip to Israel and polarization within the Jewish community.: link

    Starts with an interesting discussion of Ben Gamla Hebrew charter school in Florida and how this might impact on “tuition crisis”. Continues with a discussion with Rabbi Emanuel Feldman concerning polarization within the Orthodox community (I’m shocked, shocked!). No proposed solutions other than to talk about it. (I could go off on a political analogy but then hirhurim might lose its 501(c) (3) status).

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - Selichos Ha'Neshama_Lach_Vi'haguf_Poa'lach: link

    Slichot time is a time for checking selves much like a Korban. Hanishama Lach = gadlut haadam, V’haguf Shelach – Shiflut haadam. Anivut = recognizing where you stand in god’s universe (someone I know always says HKB”H is going to ask (right after Nasata vnatata bemunah) – What ROI did you give me on my investment in you?)

  • Rabbi Zecharia Jacobson -The Issur of Benefiting From Ma’asei Nissim: link

    Discussion of appropriateness of using results of Nissim and does it apply to created or delivered in this manner. Based on Talmudic and biblical stories.

  • Rabbi Moshe Weinberger - Sichos Mussar: link

    Classic Divrei Hitorrut for the Elul season.

  • Rabbi Channan Balk- The Concept of the Chosen People: Do Jews Possess A Soul That Is Superior to That of Non-Jews?: link

    Boiled down – are there 4 levels or 5 of creation (domeim, matzmeach, chai, mdaber and (?) Yisrael)? Different opinions which R’Balk nicely summarizes with the appropriate proof texts which split between the rationalists and the Kabbalists.

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