Thursday, July 08, 2010

Weekly Links

Rules: link


  • Drug bust at Israel airport, Hasidic Jews arrested (time for another Tehillim gathering?): link
  • The cost of being Jewish: link
  • Rabbinic group’s resolution expands women’s role: link
  • Rabbis: 'Don't rent to foreign workers': link
  • Times Square rabbi seeks America's runaway kids: link
  • Union for Traditional Judaism in financial trouble: link
  • SALT Thursday: link

  • Wednesday
    • Halachically Speaking on worm-infested fish (an essay of mine is quoted in footnotes 46 and 52): link (PDF)
    • Jewish (including Orthodox) LGBT leaders meet: link
    • Disaffected synagogue leaders push for change in Young Israel: link
    • 'America Is Better Served By A Religiously Vibrant Christianity' An Interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin: link
    • Satmar protests in front of White House over Israeli digging of graves: link
    • New Young Israel advocacy: link
    • Orthodox Rabbinical Group Outlines Women’s Roles as “Clergy” and More: link
    • R. Jeffrey Saks' review in Tradition of biography of R. Ovadiah Yosef: link (PDF)
    • Jewish organizations protest UC president's handling of reports of anti-Semitism: link
    • A hard hitting examination of Jews and baseball: link
    • Tradition and Its Discontents (new book by Shaul Stampfer): link
    • SALT Wednesday: link
    • The Mossad: link
    • R. Malkiel Kotler denounces Hamodia eulogy of Dr. Bernard Lander (beginning of eulogy here: link): link
    • Agreement reached in Chinuch Atzmai leadership battle: link
    • More secular Israelis take up Torah, Jewish studies: link
    • SALT Tuesday: link
    • Passion Play called more balanced: link
    • Red, White and Kosher: link
    • New conversion institute aims to spark halachic debate: link
    • R. Shlomo Aviner on Facebook's problems: link
    • The Atheist vs. the Rabbi: link
    • SALT Monday: link

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