Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • White House meets with rabbis: link
  • Studying Nechama Leibowitz: A new essay with many pictures: link
  • Settlers launch interactive Web site: link
  • Chanukah gelt for Christians: link
  • Review of R. Nachum Rabinovitch's responsa: link
  • R. Mordechai Willig: Modesty: A Timeless Principle: link
  • The Kosher Bookworm: Shavout in literature and history: link
  • Protecting our children: a passion of Rabbi Yitzchok Eisenman: link
  • SALT today: link

  • Thursday
    • Women Rabbis: A Conservative view of an Orthodox decision: link
    • Giving The Rebbe a biography: link
    • Jack Wertheimer: Vital Signs: Betting on Jewish Literacy: link
    • What the Baal Shem Tov left behind: link (also see Joel Rich's summary of R. Adam Mintz's lecture on the origins of Chasidus: link)
    • Jewish Journal adapts to changing media market: link
    • Supreme Court nominee was first Lincoln Square Synagogue bas mitzvah: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Travelers find kashrus in Israel confusing: link
    • 14th-century aqueduct found in Jerusalem: link
    • Rapper wants to enjoy Sabbath: link
    • Yiddish-speaking Nigerian national jumps bail: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Zookeepers try to repopulate Israel with biblical animals: link
    • Where is the feminist action at today? (scroll down the link for the answer by my friend at the Jewish Women's Archive): link
    • Demographic revolution: Jewish, Arab growth equal in Jerusalem: link
    • Research: Parents have more religious influence than friends: link
    • King without a crown - Malcolm Hoenlein: link
    • How to make the next Buber: link
    • Burger King to close in Israel: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Jerusalem Jews: 21% secular, 30% Ultra-Orthodox: link
    • Day School Sustainability: Ours to Achieve: link
    • Heidegger the Nazi: link
    • High Court approves IDF Chief Rabbi: link
    • Rabbis visit Temple Mount: link
    • Federation using social networking to ask what makes you Jewish: link
    • Brother, can you spare a kidney?: link
    • SALT today: link

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