Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • JOFA launches petition to influence RCA towards greater egalitarianism: link
  • R. Avi Shafran: A place outside Orthodoxy: link
  • Israel to play Euro 2012 games on Shabbat: link
  • Russia's daylight savings time moves havdalah to Sunday: link
  • Goldstone cleared for grandson's barmitzvah in SA: link
  • Baltimore Jewish Times publisher files Chapter 11: link
  • SALT today: link

  • Thursday
    • New “Yehuda Halevi” bio captures poetry of the 12th century: link
    • Emphasis on ethics: business schools want students to recognize that profits aren't everything: link
    • Goldstone forced to miss his grandson’s barmitzvah: link
    • VIN Editorial: Hypocrisy, Lashon Horah, Websites and Blogs: link
    • The religious kibbutz: link
    • Iraq vet saves life of R. Avi Weiss' wife at Yankee Stadium: link
    • Ehud Olmert and Uri Lupolianski under investigation for taking bribes: link
    • YU Yom Ha-Atzma'ut To-Go: link
    • Women soldiers?: link
    • SALT today: link
    • R. J. Simcha Cohen: Who Will Never Be A Torah Leader?: link
    • Paying for balebatim (bungles R. Jonathan Muskat's name): link
    • More people choosing kosher for health: link
    • A diplomatic memoir worth reading: link
    • More Jewish nonprofits may be at risk of collapse: link
    • Yarmulke-wearing bank robber: link
    • An in-depth look at the character and teachings of Rav Kook: link
    • Lament on Orthodox blogs: link
    • Prof. Marc Shapiro's review of Orthodox Jews in America: link
    • Can the Jewish deli be reformed?: link
    • Two Torahs, two Holocaust stories and one big question: link
    • Judge allows man in interfaith divorce to take daughter to church: link
    • SALT today: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Orthodox man is sentenced in sex abuse case: link
    • Har Bracha gives up on hesder status: link
    • Har Bracha to become kollel: link
    • Key findings of the Avi Chai report on young Jewish leaders: link
    • Stanley Fish: Does Reason know what it is missing?: link
    • Beis Yaakov fined for discrimination against Sephardim: link
    • Rav Elyashiv denounces court discrimination ruling: link
    • Agudath Israel of America denies discrimination and supports Beis Yaakov: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Observing Sabbath saved life of Poland’s Chief Rabbi: link
    • House version of private school aid 'guts bill,' advocates say: link
    • R. Asher Meir: Setting the standard for kosher industry: link
    • Soldier, survivor have emotional reunion: link
    • Teaching about web includes troublesome parts: link
    • Dr. Alan Brill critiques James Kugel's controversial book: link
    • Latest issue of Milin Havivin (discussed here: link) is now available online: link
    • Israeli Torah leaders decry high court involvement in Chareidi education: link
    • News sites rethink anonymous online comments: link

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