Monday, January 25, 2010

Announcements #135: Jewish Family Law Conference

Jewish Family Law Conference

The Jewish Law Association
In conjunction with the Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work at the Fordham University School of Law

February 7-8, 2010
At the Fordham University Law School, Lincoln Center Campus in New York

Presentations will include:
- Rabbi Michael Broyde on kisui rosh
- Professor Ron Kleinman on transfer of title in e-commerce in Jewish and American law
- Rabbi Joseph Polak on a recent teshuva he wrote on the validity of a get
- A panel discussion by a distinguished rabbinic panel including Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Rabbi Saul Berman responding to the recently issued Agunah Unit’s report edited by Professor Bernard Jackson

For the complete program see: link (PDF)

Click here to read more
Kosher lunch (Star-K hashgacha) available - $15 each day ($20 after 2-1-10)
CLE credits available - See Fordham website.

To register for sessions please go to this link. There is no charge for the sessions themselves.

Parking Discount if parking ticket is stamped at Fordham security desk for the following garages: Allie Garage (425 West 59th Street) ($12 for 12 hours), Holiday Inn, 440 W. 57th St. ($15 for 12 hours), Prior Parking (61st St. between Columbus and Broadway) ($17 for 12 hours), and Central Parking,345 W. 58th St. ($16 for 12 hours).

For further information about the conference or about The Jewish Law Association please contact Larry Rabinovich, the Association’s treasurer, e-mail link (212) 981-8441.

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