Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Links

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  • SALT today: link
  • YU students create wind-powered (non-kosher) menorah: link
  • R. Eliezer Melamed told he must condemn IDF insubordination: link
  • Mystery illness at Ramaz: link
  • Prof. Yosef Yerushalmi passes away: link
  • Disney's first animated movie about a Jewish American Princess (joke!): link
  • Charedi rabbis in Israel oppose Charedi websites: link
  • Gay Orthodox rabbi in Israel: link
Previous days' linksThursday
  • SALT today: link
  • R. Gershon Tannenbaum invites Messianic Lubavitchers to join the Igud Rabbanim: link
  • R. Shlomo Amar asks Knesset to keep the High Court out of the Rabbinate's kashrus supervision: link
  • Woman fights for her right to light Chanukah candles in her lobby (don't tell the court about the Rema in Orach Chaim 671:7): link
  • SALT today: link
  • Rabbi Yonah Metzger courageously confronts Charedim on conversion: link
  • Hesder rabbis meet with Ehud Barak about the future of Hesder: link
  • News gets a bit better for victims of Madoff: link
  • SALT today: link
  • JTA on the Bostoner Rebbe zt"l: link
  • David Sarna on the Bostoner Rebbe zt"l: link
  • Shimon Peres launches YouTube channel: link
  • Supreme Court to hear rights vs. religion case: link
  • More charities seek tax break for donors: link
  • In defense of Israeli falafel: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Rabbis in Montana: link
  • R. Yonah Metzger: Israeli conversion certificates valid for marriage: link

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