Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Married Women and Hair Covering: A Request for Comments

by R. Michael J. Broyde

I have over the past few years posted here and there portions of my work on the halachic basis for married women not to cover their hair, as was the common Orthodox practice for many years and still remains the practice in many parts of the Orthodox community. Tradition has graciously agreed to publish the full article and it is in the current issue of Tradition, which Tradition as agreed may be accessed at the following link: link. I would be interested in comments by readers (a "reader" is one who has actually read the article) on the matters I wrote about. If you have comments or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at mbroyde@emory.edu.

[This article focuses on technical halachic sources and the request for comments is for such. Please keep comments to the substance of the article. This is not the place to discuss other matters and comments will be more tightly watched to conform to this rule. -- Gil]

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