Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Feature: Daily Links

I plan on starting a new feature called "Daily Links". Every weekday morning (except Jewish holidays), a post will contain at least one but potentially many links to websites and news articles of interest to this blog's readers. The post will be continuously updated throughout the day, as the editor(s) fit it into his/their schedule(s).

Readers are encouraged to add links to the comments section for consideration of inclusion. Please include a title for the link that is brief and descriptive. Links without titles will generally be ignored. After consideration, the link will be deleted from the comments thread regardless of whether it is included in the post so as to allow for smoother discussion in the post and the removal of potentially objectionable links.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • The editor(s) cannot control the pictures and material on any link's website. Please expect normal conditions you can find on most general-readership websites (and please do not complain about them in the comments).
  • Please do not promote websites and/or blogs that attempt to undermine Orthodox Judaism.
  • Please do not promote products, lectures or other events. They should be promoted through paid announcements.
  • Please leave off news updates about Israel unless they are frontpage news outside of Israel. There is so much news in Israel that it can easily overwhelm this feature.
  • Please do not include "gotcha" articles about the foibles of rabbis and/or other people or institutions. This isn't the place. The editor(s) will decide on his/their own when an issue is so big that it needs to be included.
  • Divrei Torah will not be included unless there is something noteworthy about them, with one exception (SALT) that will be featured in every post.

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