Monday, July 27, 2009

New Book by Rabbi Enkin

I'm please to announce the publication of R. Ari Enkin's new book, Amot Shel Halacha: Halachic Insights. For all of the regular readers of his posts, here is a book full of halachic essays in his usual concise and readable style.

From the book's webpage (link):

Rabbi Ari N. Enkin once again presents over 100 fascinating contemporary halachic issues in his latest work, Amot Shel Halacha. Each chapter is skillfully compiled from insights and rulings drawn from an extensive range of Halachic texts. The amount of information packed into every chapter is meticulously woven together to present each issue in a unique and holistic manner. The author, noted for his articulate and engaging manner of writing, possesses an exceptional ability to explain even the most complicated matters with extraordinary clarity. With well over 2000 references from the entire spectrum of Halachic sources, Amot Shel Halacha is simply an experience and education in Halacha like no other.

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Praise for Amot Shel Halacha:

"Rabbi Ari Enkin has successfully authored another outstanding sefer of modern day Halachic issues… It is written in a very clear manner that is balanced and easy to understand. The issues presented are extremely interesting and certain to provide every reader with something of interest.
Truly a worthwhile contribution."
–Rabbi Michael Broyde, Dayan, Beit Din of America

"I have used excerpts of Rabbi Enkin's book with my students and we have enjoyed them all. I have found his writings to contain a great deal of valuable material… This is a unique sefer by a talented and distinguished Torah scholar."
–Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt, Noted Posek, Author, Shu”t Rivevot Ephraim

"I have read a number of Rav Ari Enkin's writings and I have enjoyed them immensely. He has a talent for choosing topics of interest and presenting the material in an enjoyable and balanced manner. I recommend his writings to anyone who desires to deepen their knowledge about important Torah topics."
–Rabbi Howard Jachter, Dayan, Beit Din of Elizabeth, Author, "Gray Matter" Halacha series

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