Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jnews Roundup XXIII (with extra snark)

  • Gary Rosenblatt argues for government subsidies of secular studies in Jewish day schools (Jewish Week). Now that Solomon Schechters are struggling and not just yeshivas, he cares.

  • The Maharat makes it to the list of Jews "under the age of 36 who symbolize the depth and vitality of their generation" (Jewish Week). There's a shocker. I no longer qualify, which must be why they couldn't find anyone on the right wing of Modern Orthodoxy or beyond to be on the list.

  • A Jewish newspaper celebrates non-Jewish mothers raising non-Jewish children but confusing the world by calling them Jewish (Jewish Week).

  • Retrospective about Rubashkin raid a year later (Forward). I have to say that R. Avi Shafran's seeing this as an example of everyone hating Orthodox Jews is embarrassing. Maybe it's because we defend people like Bernie Madoff?

  • Celebrating the life of the Maharal on his 400th yahrtzeit (JTA). Great quote in the article: "Everyone hates the Golem." Tell that to Mendy.

  • Interesting article about Dropsie College (Forward). No snark. It's actually just interesting. UPDATE: A reader directed me to this article: link

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