Monday, April 13, 2009

Audio Roundup XXXVII

by Joel Rich

Reminder: TIM as a courtesy to Hirhurim readers is allowing their shiurim to be downloaded at no cost. Go to and enter coupon code 253340 upon checkout.

May I share a source of disappointment with you. Truth is I’ll listen to these shiurim anyway (as I’ve been doing since the early 80’s – it’s just cheaper now) but I often raise a question here for discussion purposes which does not require listening to the shiurim. I’m going to try putting at least one of them up front so that those who don’t read the summaries can see them and hopefully comment – I’d love some intelligent discussion. Thanks.

Question: Did the “reason” given for understanding the blessing of shelo asani Isha change over time?

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  • Rabbi Z Rimon - Tfila-Brachot: link

    Slaves, non-Jews and women – Are the introductory brachot simply a reflection of the number of mitzvoth and is the bracha for women of krtzono simply reflect that they are required to do K’rtozono? Or is it tzidduk hadin (acceptance of divine decree) or that it takes men more mitzvoth to reach HKB”H’s ratzon.

  • Rabbi Yonason Sacks - Tfilas Rosh Chodesh and Yaleh Veyavo: link

    Analysis of the interplay of the natures of rosh chodesh, kiddush hachodesh, yaaleh v’yavo and Tfilat Tashlumin. (We’re all taught the practical results {look in the back of the Artscroll!} but rarely the underlying understanding!). BTW R' Sacks has a new Haggadah out - now available in both Hebrew and English commentary - email me for details at )

  • Rabbi Daniel Hartstein - Brov Am Haadras Melech: link

    Discussion of Talmudic references to the concept of Brov am hadrat melech (more honor in crowds). Interesting (to me) is that no primary stories are quoted in support (unlike zrizin makdimim).

    Offhand reference to why we stand for chatan & kalah and why during Vayivarech David-standing for mitzvah doers [me – if we could fly around the world backwards, would we find these reasons historically accurate? I have 2 bits that say no!] If anyone has any detailed shiurim on this topic, please let me know - I'm presently researching.

  • Panel: Orthodoxy Encounters Modernity: A Dialogue on the Issues that Face Us: link

    Is there a willingness to dialog within orthodoxy with those outside? Defining someone or a group as “outcast” has implications for them and you.

    Is there a general dearth of interest in broader intellectual pursuits?
    R’Gil strangely silent on this tape!
    R’Schick – many charedim “ignore” bans and the like – “life goes on?” (oh blah dee oh blah da).
    M.O. educational issues and Artscroll phenomena discussed.

  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff - Can an Orthodox woman be a Rabbi?: link

    Must have seen the 400+ comments on Hirhurim. Long discussion with sources differentiating between the acceptance and search for knowledge and being called Rabbi/prayer leader tone setter. Me – Whoever thought of “slippery slope” should have copy righted the term (like three-peat). {Me-Bottom line - it's a meta issue (or how do you define rabbi?)}

  • Rabbi Moshe Trachtman - Effective Learning: link

    His program to be able to know kol hatorah kulah (all of Torah). Skim all of Torah related info to get familiarity and hunger. Find a “hero”/role model. Have a clear goal. Gradually increase the amount you review. Have clarity in your written summary (as well as a standard format) so that even someone not familiar with the material can understand them. Review your notes in those spare moments (like waiting for the chatan and kalah).

  • Rabbi Ezra Schwartz - R'Yonah Reiss's Divorce Proceedings: link

    First part of review of more detailed shiurim given by Rabbi Reiss (not C"VS his divorce!). Gives a good picture of why chazal told those who are not baki btiv Gittin (don’t know the details) to stay away from involvement in the halachik divorce process.

  • Dr. Rivkah Blau - A Meaningful Pesach: link

    A look at Avadim Hayinu and how we relive the experience, transmit it and appreciate it as it informs on our relationship with HkB”H.

  • Dr. David Pelcovitz - Sichos Mussar- Happiness and Uniqueness: link

    “Happiness is……” (me – to a smoker it’s a Kent?) R’Pam (rough translation) – the difference between happiness and simcha is how you feel the next morning (me – just call me angel of the morning). Using your unique talents to find your unique role and not be self-centered. (Me – R’YBS – true simcha is lifnei hashem – knowing he controls all. Rich family version – it’s the difference between how you feel strapped into a roller coaster vs. going over the side of a cliff.)

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Hilchos Leil HaSeder: link

    Discussion of chametz, chametz nuksheh, matza ashira. Why don’t we use salt on the matzah at the Seder? Is it because it’s already delicious or because it will make it seem like matza ashira? Number of matzot at Seder and other issues.

  • Rav Soloveitchik - Concepts Jewish Education: link

    Want to hear a picture painted with words? Listen to the Rav describe his Lubavitch Mlamed’s class on one dreary winter day.

    How to teach both intellect (easy) and emotional (not so much) experience of Judaism.
    You’ll never look at “Hayesh lachem av” the same again. Lessons of Mesorah!

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