Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Books Received - Purim Edition

  • ספר חושך שבטו שונא בנו כהלכתה -- כולל כל דיני הכאת בנים ותלמידים, עם נספח על עניני כפיית נשים בשוט

  • The Laws of Asher Yatzar -- complete with full color illustrations and new scratch n' smell pages

  • Orthodox Forum: Random Topic -- includes an article about how new methodologies in studying Tanakh can elucidate this topic, an article disputing the value of these new methodologies, a historical review of attitudes toward this topic, a sociological study of approaches to the topic in various communities, and an essay by R. Aharon Lichtenstein about what our attitude should be

  • Rabbi Soloveitchik's Phonebook -- an exciting journey through the life of R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik via the unabridged 1978 Boston White Pages, as found in the back of his basement; moldy pages have been fully restored

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