Friday, March 13, 2009

Announcements #089: WebYeshiva Blog

WebYeshiva Blog Provides Unique Center for Torah From World Renowned Rabbis and Teachers

The WebYeshiva is celebrating the official launch today of its blog. The WebYeshiva Blog is an innovative, online center for Torah learning content. The WebYeshiva Blog offers readers unique and informative perspectives on Torah-related topics, from renowned rabbis and educators in Jerusalem and around the world.

The WebYeshiva Blog presents a variety of posts daily in audio, video, and text format, and features regular columns such as the weekly Parsha, Haftora, Nach, Business Ethics, Aggada, Jewish Philosophy, and more. Both WebYeshiva students and teachers also make regular contributions, and WebYeshiva's Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Chaim Brovender posts a video Halacha Yomit every day.

Click here to read more"I call the blog my daily Torah appetizer," says WebYeshiva student Joel Nowicki, "as I start my day with reading and listening to the blog." Joel, who lives in Poland, is able to have access to Torah learning through WebYeshiva and the WebYeshiva Blog in a geographic location where very little is available. "I [also] enjoy the Torah sources attached [to the Parsha Podcast] by Rabbi Brovender, which are very helpful, and this is a rare thing in other Torah sites," he says.

The WebYeshiva Blog is a project of WebYeshiva, the first fully-interactive, online yeshiva and midrasha. WebYeshiva was initiated by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, a veteran Rosh Yeshiva with over forty years of teaching experience. It makes serious Torah learning accessible to anyone with internet access. WebYeshiva can be found at

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