Monday, January 05, 2009

Announcements #068: YCT/SAR Yom Iyun on Torah Shebe'al Peh

YCT/SAR Yom Iyun on Talmud and Torah Shebe'al Peh - February 1, 2009

YCT Rabbinical School and SAR High School Invite the Entire Community to a special Yom Iyun on Talmud and Torah Shebaal Peh on Sunday, February 1, 2009 (7 Shevat, 5769) at the SAR High School.

Come and engage in the study of Talmud and Torah She-Be'al Peh in a unique atmosphere with leading educators, rashei yeshiva, rabbis and academic Jewish Scholars using diverse methodologies and Darkei ha-Limmud. Explore the depths and profundity of the Talmudic corpus using the tools of the classical, modern and spiritual models in approaching the text. In addition, a special track devoted to the in-depth analysis of sections of aggada in the Talmud has been included.

The program is free but requires pre-registration. For more information please go to

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