Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hirhurim 2.0

At a talk I gave over Shabbos at YU, R. Neil Fleischmann pointed out that blogs are really last year's technology and now everything is on Facebook. I think he's more or less right, so I created a Facebook group for this blog: link. Right now, I'm not sure how it will be different from the blog.

One thing we'll do is a weekly message of "This Week on Hirhurim". The first one went out already but at the time I was the only member of the group. In the future, it will go out each weekend to all members. If you want a message like that, feel free to join the group.

We'll also have some less formal discussions that are relevant to the Hirhurim mission. I'll try to initiate one later tonight. Note that I already have help (thank you Daniel Bukingolts) in patrolling the Facebook group to keep out lashon ha-ra, heresy and profanity.

If you have any suggestions on what else to do with the group, you know what to do in the comments section.

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