Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Audio Roundup XXI

by Joel Rich

  • Rabbi H Schachter - The Soul of the Rav: link

    R’HS shares his impressions of R’YBS including his need to transmit the mesora after the holocaust, the clarity of his thought, his development of Hashkafa from halacha and his dedication in many arenas to doing what’s right no matter what.

    (Me – in the movie R’HS’s comments on how the Rav made sense out of a wild jungle, I always described the experience of hearing his insights on gemara (et chatai ani mazkir – always second hand) to driving down a dark country road and seeing a lightening strike which lights up the tableau as if it were noon).

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  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Maaser Kesafim for Bar Mitzvah Celebrations and Girl’s Education: link

    Discussion of source psukim and level (duraita, Drabannan, Minhag). Choice here informs on where, what and how much to give.

    Interesting insight from R’Willig on Bar Mitzvah Seudah – may be two chiyuvim – the boy on becoming chayav bmitzvot and the father on completing mitzvah of chinuch (Unfortunately for my sons kach mkublani mbeit avi abba - the mitzvah continues as long as HKB"H gives you the ability to continue trying to be a link in the mesora chain :-))

  • Rabbi D Sperber - The Challenge of Faith: link

    Reflections on his life and work. Interesting discussion of the Torah learning program at Bar Ilan. He takes the long run view of woman’s issues (not the Keynes view but the mesora chain view) and that change comes from within and from the grass roots (in my midnight confessions?). Great stories of the influence of his father (the Mizrachist and his grandfather (the agudist). He mentions his grandfather as a dayan feared no man/only god. (me – see R’YBS commentary on the machzor on vchen ten pachdacha – fear of god “crowds out” any real fear of man).

  • Rabbi Dr. M Shapiro - Architects of Modern Orthodoxy: link

    R’Kook’s impact continues to grow – all RZ’s claim to follow his philosophy – R’Dr. Mr. Shapiro (the pride of the Vilna of Essex county) discusses R’Kook’s philosophy. There are some gaps in the recording but he makes some fascinating assertions including: 1) the mass marketing of the kollel life undermined the psychology of elites which produces gedolim; 2) (something I have discussed with almost anyone I’ve learned with for more than 2 minutes J). R’Kook felt that halachik system today (IIUC) has lost the mechanism for needed change and thus change comes when the first people sin (without conscious intention of changing halacha) and then enough people do “it” so Rabbis must find way to legitimize (kol hamon kol shadai).

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Sheva Brachos: link

    Scope and purpose of sheva brachot. Includes discussion of counting chatan for minyan, who should make them (and how many), use of microphone (his “mesora” is no) and woman getting one of the brachot (no-for “meta” reasons). This last point is very interesting in light of R’Mintz’s comments on the Chatam Sofer in the last audio roundup.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Parshas VaYeitzei: link

    Shul appeals on Yom Tov permitted because it’s appropriate to be noder beit tzarah (4 Roshei hashana). Ubchanuni – Rama discusses application to maaser ksafim vs. agriculture.

  • Rabbi A Mintz - R' Henkin and R' Feinstein: link

    Differences of opinion between R’Eliyahu Henkin and R’Moshe Feinstein on davening in non-mechitza shul, eruv for Manhattan and the halachik value of civil marriage.

  • R. Asher Weiss - Vayetzei: link

    Easy Hebrew, hard issue – Aveirah Lshma. Can we learn from Yael that it’s Lchatchila? If so, does it require hatzalat kol Yisrael or at least a group? Is she forbidden to her husband? Lots of interesting discussion!

  • Rabbi B Tabory - Moadim: link

    A discussion of the mitzvah (if there is one) of being makbil pnei rabo (visiting one's Rabbi) – source and force. When, which rabbi, woman, level of chiyuv, and current applicability are among the topics discussed.

  • Rabbi Ally Ehrman - Three Minyanim At Once: link

    Discussion of what, if anything, said at minyan #1 requires response from attendee of minyan #2 (think the kotel). Range of opinions – everything, nothing, roll your own…..

  • Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky - All in the Family: link

    Analysis of impact of 4 wives on their husbands – On ben Pellet (m), Korach (m), Devora (f), Jezebel (f). Bottom line – sometimes you have to push back against reactions (even if deserved).

  • Rabbi Ezra Schwartz - Contemporary Halakhah Chazara pruzbol & grama: link

    Detailed review of shiurim on prozbol and Shabbat mode ovens (misnomer) – major issue is definition of gramma (is delayed effect of push button sufficient?).

  • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig - The Transition from Avraham to Yitzchak to Yaakov: link

    Avraham had a broad integrated life and moved to equilibrium point of each challenge with ease. Yaakov was complete focus and defined by single event (akeidah).

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - The Rav as Posek (circa 1993?): link

    The R’YBS preferred thought to psak. R’YBS got his name (The Rav) later in career because Rabbi Belkin was the Rosh Yeshiva! R’YBS was very strong proponent of everyone following own family minhag in psak and minhag. He was not classifiable as a machmir or meikil but did personally follow family pattern of being choshesh for various shitot. Always work from original sources! Number of examples of psak (me – go read R’A. Ziegler’s books).

  • Rabbi B Tabory - Moadim: link

    Is there a mitzvah to be tahor on the rgalim? Maybe not, but raising the level of your game, even temporarily, is usually a good thing.

  • Rabbi Avi Schneider - Making the Most of Your Time in Yeshiva: link

    Shanna Alef Israel Mussar. Interesting how technology has had an impact on the Israel experience (you don’t have to line up by the pay phone any more).

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Charitable Triage: link

    A topic which has fascinated me for years (this shiur was given in the early 90’s – and they thought times were hard then).
    Sakanat Nefashot (hospital? cancer research?) > food > clothing. Talmid chacham’s precedence is based on his being a posek.
    Ircha defined as shaychut to you (includes institutions).
    Me – it’s not alogorithmic!

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