Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Audio Roundup XIX

by Joel Rich

  • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig - Divrei Sofrim: The Interface Between D’orayta and D’rabanan: link

    Appetite whetting question – does the way that HKB”H chose to reveal torah mitzvoth (e.g. mfurash Bkra, Binyan Av, Hekesh…) have meaning? Is there a hierarchy/message or is it (no, please, no) random? R’Rosensweig shares his inkling on this question through the Rambam’s use of the term “Divrei Sofrim”.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Kashrus: link 1, link 2

    All manner of living beings kashrut issues – turkey, zebu, buffalo, sturgeon, milk, veal. All manner of kashrut issues – miyut hamatzui (I was right about shatnez!!!), chadash, taam kikkar, noten taam, enzymes…

    R’HS renews his call for a meeting of leading Rabbis to declare stainless steel pots as not bolea!! (I have 50¢ that says it won’t happen.)

    Pay special attention to his technical description of enzymes in modern food technology towards the end!!

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  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff - Ongoing Revelation = Catholic Israel?: link

    R’Rothkoff (sorry – I’m still stuck in the 60’s) at his entertaining best. Shockingly shows he is not a fan of ongoing revelation, catholic Israel or male chauvinists. Call back in 50 years to see how the YCT issue works out. He tells over the R'Yaakov/Chiloni/monkey/ airplane story (he witnessed it) in a somewhat less offensive way than I’ve usually heard it.

  • Rabbi A. Frimer - Women as Shul Presidents: link

    Another favorite maggid shiur of mine (hat tip – my big sister) here deals with women in leadership (trivia – which Rhodes scholar (no, not Bill Bradley or Myron Rolle) has a woman as his shul president?).

    Deals with famous Rambam limitations and definitions of serara and kavod bat melech.

  • Prof. Karl Skorecki - Jewish Genetic History: link

    Reminds me of Rocket Man – “And all this science, I don’t understand it, it’s just my job five days a week!!” Seriously, interesting presentation on genetic history/demography.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Chayei Sara: link

    Join R’HS on another magical mystery tour. Stops include:
    * only real gedolim can be ignored when they say don’t be maspid me (Pnai Yehoshual/Nodeh Byehuda)
    * R’YBS was offered position of Chief Rabbi of France
    * Don’t look for a chavruta when you’re dating
    * Safek Sakanah is a function of the individual
    * Some say 3 days of bechi for meit is a heter – we shouldn’t be sad because it’s ratzon hashem

    I never really got that last point – why then do we say dayan emet and not hatov v’hameitiv?

  • Rabbi Michael Taubes - Contemporary Halacha: The Mitzvah of Tochacha: link

    Primarily a discussion of reconciling two seemingly conflicting gemaras on Hochacha; when to hold ‘em and when to fold’em. Answers include differentiating based on 1) likely acceptance, 2) tone, 3) reaction, 4) level of doer’s intent/understanding, 5) group vs. individual, 6) explicitness of prohibition.

    Tells over my favorite R’Yaakov on why Yaakov first calls the shepards achai and then gives them mussar (one of my failings – you need to invest in friendships if you want to influence others). Note to R’Taubes – most union contracts include clean up time so packing tools at 4:50 (actually they often work an earlier day) is likely fine.

  • Rabbi A Mintz - Codification: link

    Discussion of transition from Talmud to Gaonim to Rambam to Schulchan Aruch.

  • Rabbi H Reichman - Repent! A Survey of Al Ha Teshuva: link

    Emotional presentation on R’YBS’s approach to Tshuva of the Tzibbur vs. Yachid.

  • Rabbi M Aberman - Positive-Mitzvot-Shabbat: link

    Detailed discussion of halachik issues involved in Kiddush (duraita, drabannan, who can be motzi whom?...)

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Non-Jews and Tzedaka: link

    Rabbein Bachaya says goyim have a chiyuv due to logic/natural law. Some learn this from Avraham – tzedaka umishpat. Particular Talmudic sources implications for taking tzedaka from goyim – range of opinions from it’s fine to only in private to none.

  • Rabbi Shimon Isaacson - Mitzvot of Shabbos: link

    More detailed analysis including force of gemara’s dealing with talmidei chachamim who (apparently) gave up learning time to prepare for Shabbat.(Wow?!)

  • Rabbi Menachem Leibtag - What Mitzvot Did the Avot Keep and Why Does It Make a Difference?: link

    Shiur is misnamed but it’s a great analysis of the strategies Rishonim used to try to unpack :”chukotai, mishpatai vtoratai”. A lot of sichat chulin at the end (speakers hint -remember to turn off recorders when done!).

  • Harav Yaakov Feitman - Shiur on Mezuza 1 - the Mitzvah of Mezuza: link

    Introduction to series on mezuzah. Here focus on elements of shmirah (explains the difference between saying something happened because mezuzot weren’t checked and saying something happened because one didn’t have the shmira of mezuzot – got it?).

  • Harav Yaakov Feitman - Shiur on Inyanei Siddur 1 - Modeh Ani, Part 1: link
    Mini shiurim series (between mincha & maariv) on tfila. Here Modeh Ani.

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