Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Audio Roundup XVII

by Joel Rich
If you have any shiur websites to recommend, please let me know!

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Hilchos Tefillin: link 1, link 2, link 3

    A series. Here primary discussion on construction and writing of tfillin. Money quote from R’YBS when asked by a talmid if taking on a certain practice would be mechzai kyuhara, “no, it would be real yuhara” (i.e. if you talk during tfila, focus on that and not Rabbeinu Tam tfillin).Tfillin 2 Wwhich arm? Zohar vs. Bavli for lefties! What about ambidextrous? Is determinant dexterity on strength for rov in lachto? R’Willig says today writing (dexterity) is more the determinant than in days of manual labor. Batim manufacture as well.

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  • Rabbi Allen Schwartz - Mordechai: Why Wasn’t He Accepted by ALL his Brethren?: link

    Interesting comment that earlier medrashim were more accepting of avot as having human characteristics. His take on why Mordechai was rejected by some – by remaining in his position he allowed the people to become complacent in galut (in case you didn’t see the parallel – it’s true for us in galut today).

    To get webyeshiva archives you must register with them – see the website www.webyeshiva.org

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - The Mitzvah to dwell in Eretz Yisroel: link

    Is the mitzvah of yishuv eretz yisrael tied to the chiyuv of mitzvot hatluyot baaretz? (Some say yes, some no.) Is there a relationship between this question and whether yishuv is a mitzvah kiyumit or chiyuvit?

    Money quote from Ramban (Gittin 2a):
    "Lo Kidsha Latid lavo Linyan trumot omasrot, chaviva alayhu…eretz yisrael bchibata he omedet ubkdushata linyan yishivata vdirata"

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - Avraham Avinu: The Importance of Kevius as demonstrated by Avraham: link

    Key question – how do you know when to hold them and when to fold them?

  • Moshiach (webyeshiva)

    Differing opinions on the extent of the prohibition in our day of being mchashvei ketz (calculating when moshiach will come); range: None to Total. Discussion of which comes first – rebuilding of the temple or moshiach. Strange (to me) discussion concerning RCA resolution dealing with whether moshiach can come from the already dead. (worth listening to for the deadpan (aiui) humor).

  • Dr. Shira Weiss - Pharoah:Malicious Tyrant or Divine Puppet?: link

    Good overview of the issues (and texts) surrounding Pharoh’s cold hard heart (hint – while I do believe music (rock) died circa 1973, I am somewhat aware of lyrics that post date that). Traditional answers range from God (can suspend free will) to Man (but needed help to maintain free will versus plagues) to somewhere in between.

  • Rav Moshe Aberman - Positive Mitzvot of Shabbat: link

    Wow – a series that will focus on the positive mitzvoth of Shabbat (you mean it’s not all about the changing technology of bottle caps?). Here an introduction to kavod and oneg.

  • Rabbi Yonason Sacks - Tfilas Rosh Chodesh: link

    Are additions (specifically yaaleh v’yavo) part of the essential prayer or an add on (some practical halachik issues)?

  • Rabbi Moshe Gordon - Hilchos Lvishas Begadim: link

    Beginning of a series of practical halacha in Orach Chaim. Here discussion of tzniut in dress for men and wearing a kippah (anyone know his father-in-law?)

  • Rav A Weiss/Geder of Mitzvos Noach: link

    Discussion of the 7 mitzvot Bnai Noach including our responsibility to enforce them.

  • Rabbi B Tabory - Moadei Hashana: link 1, link 2

    Series on Yom Tov. First 2 focus on ochel hefosh and simcha. Primarily discussions of the sources.

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Bris Milah: link

    New topic in R’Gottlieb’s ongoing minchat chinuch shiur. Discusses mila, pria and the famous Beit Halevi on mila and pria reflecting sur meira and aseh tov. Also insight on why Avraham didn’t do mila earlier in his life.

  • Rabbi Shmuel Klammer - Foundations of Truth: Torat Emet & Children of Emet: link

    Famous medrash of Avraham discovering HKB”H through a bira doleket implies emet is seen through Torah, beauty of creation and reward/punishment.

  • Jewish Communities: From Moscow With Love, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina: link

    Interesting discussion of Moscow and Argentina Jewish communities (Steve Savitz – call your travel agent).

  • Pirkei D'Eliyahu - R' A Bazak: link

    Start of what sounds like a promising Hebrew series on Eliyahu. Here a discussion of the strength of the kings he faced and the change in the nature of idol worship at that time.

  • Rabbi M Taubes - Bereishis: Tefillas Shabbos Masculine and Feminine Nusach: link

    Discussion of the word Shabbat – masculine vs. feminine, king vs. queen. Also discussion of bo, bah, bam in the nusach hatfila.

    Nice insight on the text of hoshanot on Shabbat from R’YBS – we wait for Shabbat to be over to show that our cessation from mlacha was a chok, not laziness.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Why Doesn't the Twenty Percent Rule Apply to Issurim?: link

    Why not a 20% of net worth threshold by negative commandments as there is by positive? Is it a matter of passive vs. active or of stringency of command? Various possible implications discussed.

  • Rebbetzin Smadar Rosensweig - Devorah: Prophetess, Political Leader and Judge: link

    Unique amongst other women in Tanach whose roles were mothers and sisters. As a leader (political & religious) compare to Moshe, Shmuel and Yehoshua. Many differing opinions on her role (and husband’s?), qualifications and how she functioned.

  • Rabbi M Taubes - Tefillin All Day: link

    Discussion of if all day wearing was a lchtchila duraita or not and implications. Kdushat tfillin as well.

  • Rabbi I Oron - Hilchot Refuah (Hebrew): link

    Discussion of force of prohibition – Duraita, Drabannan, Chavalah?

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