Monday, November 03, 2008

Audio Roundup XV

by Joel Rich

For those who asked, I write derech ktzara with veiled allusions so as to make a market for my next book (also my first book) which will be Hirhurim Codes Revealed.

  • Rabbi Howard Apfel - Studying Medicine on Shabbos: link

    Response to the question of whether becoming an MD is L’chatchila or b’deieved! (compared to what?) Includes opinions of R’Schachter, R’Willig and R’ Moshe Feinstein. Worthwhile listening for anyone deciding on any career – How do you weigh the various factors? (e.g. time invested, possible halachik complications in the profession). While R’Apfel provides his own take, imho, each individual should weigh the factors with some outside peer review.

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  • Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft - The 3 Ikkarim of Rav Yosef Albo: link

    The Albo’s big three [1) creator, 2) intervener (through Torah) and 3) rewarder (ultimate)] as reflected in other big three’s { Kriat shma, Shabbat, Pesach…}

  • Rabbi Herschel Hager - Milchomo: link

    Rule #1 in consulting – manage expectations. I was expecting (my bad – I should have thought about the Website it comes from) analysis of contemporary issues. Give away was the statement the laws of milchomo will be applicable in future! (I thought they were today – e.g. a Kohain who kills in battle, can they duchen?). The shiur concerns halachot like mashuach milchama (Kohein who addresses troops), chatzotrot and the like.

  • Slichot Talk - Rabbi H Schachter: link

    Expanded discussion of R’YBS Shita on Slichot being a form of prayer (give away – it includes Ashrei, Kaddish Titkabel). All prayers have requests in middle (may be ruchniyot (spiritual) vs. physical). Look at slichot, it’s the same pattern, the requests are forgive us, etc. So what are the 13 middot there for? It’s not hocus pocus, R’Yochanan who called for them said Yaasu Lfanai (do them in front of me) not Yomru Lfanai (say them). Implication is imitato dei (v’halachta b’drachav) – we need to do them!

    Per the Vilna Gaon V’Rau kol ame haaretz is source of the concept of or lagoyim – they will want to copy us.

    R’YBS said Acher did not hear that he could not do tshuva – he darshened incorrectly that “shuvu banim” meant banim but not him!

  • Rabbi H Schachter - Pre High Holiday Shiur for Rabbanim: link

    Practical tips for Rabbis

    1) Teach about Shmitat Kesafim rules (pend a note for 7 years)

    2) Duchening (i) people shouldn’t turn their backs (ii) some Kohanim have practice of turning clockwise, others reverse – main thing is that should all agree (iii) congregation shouldn’t say “am kdoshecha kaamur” (iv) in Israel no question Kohain can be shatz for mussaf and duchen even if other Kohanim there.

    3) Really could blow shofar on Yom Kippur bein hasmashot but in U.S. everyone would go home!

    4) R’YBS would say birchat Hallel before Shatz so as to avoid issue of whether yotzei with Shatz’s bracha – [me – do most people have negative kavanah to not be yotzei when they answer amein to shatz broicha by hallel ? – and I thought I heard R’YBS said the bracha with the shatz? Mycroft?]

  • Rabbi Meir Goldwicht - Sichos Mussar-Striving For Greatness (עברית): link

    Importance of actualizing potential for good. Strive for greatness! [ me – agree but not sure that potential is unlimited and that the question is do you want it enough]

  • Rabbi Elchanan Adler - Birkhat Kohanim: link

    Discussion of sources and practices.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Hakhel: link

    Discussion of when Hakhel is a Torah commandment and when it’s a Rabbinic and who is included in giving (e.g. illegitimate king) and receiving.

  • Rabbi Assaf Bednarsh - Kibud Av veAim: link

    Analysis based on requirement to respect parent who is rasha. Is the mitzvah bein adam lchavero or lamakom? Perhaps 2 parts – hakarat hatov and respect for transmitter of tradition. Nafka mina may be after death.

  • RabbI Shaul Robinson - Halakha in Tefillah: link

    Good discussion of prayer issues including implication of misspoken words and intention.

    Money quote attributed to R’YBS – Something along the lines of “many people want to have davened maariv rather than to daven maariv”.

    Money quote attributed to the Rambam – something like “Kavannah in prayer is the beginning of a relationship which will take over your life” (me – contraposative (just kidding) is insisting decorum without making prayer a part of a prayerful life, is a lot like the war on drugs).

  • Rabbi Norman Lamm - Is Torah Knowledge Enough to Qualify: link

    Discussion of Torah U’mada – 7 branches of knowledge with Torah over all (but not Torah U’Parnasa). Torah without ethical behavior is like an actuary who can’t add (ok – I made the analogy up). Focus on becoming; not on being (ok – so I can stop working on the Vulcan mind meld with my Bar Ilan CD ROM).

  • Dr Yossi Adler - Should Medical Treatment Ever be Withheld?: link

    Introductory level discussion on end of life medical treatment issues.

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - Yesod of Chinuch: link 1, link 2

    Breishis - B'zchus Moshe Shenikra Reishis

    No such thing as coincidence – I finally told one of my friends that he wanted Torah in black and white 10 second sound bites and it doesn’t work that way and then I hear that crosstown (in North Vilna of Essex County) R’Simon gave a drasha on Torah as a process, not a sound bite. This is followed by a drasha on Moshe being anav in the most difficult circumstance – being adam L’Chaveiro.

  • Cantor Moshe Berlove - Nusach in the Western European Tradition: link

    Discussion of Ashkenazic Minhag and nusach hatefila

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