Saturday, November 01, 2008

Announcements #060: Vote for Leah!

Please VOTE for LEAH in the Wells Fargo "Someday Stories" Contest

Time is running out! Voting ends November 10, 2008!

Leah Larson is the 17 year old creator of YALDAH Magazine. YALDAH is written and produced by Jewish girls, for Jewish girls. It promotes Torah values and encourages self-esteem in an exciting, fun, engaging format.

Leah started the magazine when she was 13 years old, because she couldn't find something already in print that was both interesting and consistent with Torah values.

Now she's one of five finalists in a Wells Fargo's "Someday Stories" contest (chosen from over 10,000 entries) to win $100,000 to be used to expand the magazine. The winner will be determined by the number of votes collected at the voting site.

Read more at on this page, or go directly to the voting page at Wells Fargo, and select "Evelyn in MA" (Leah's mother). (Since Leah was the only candidate who was not an adult, the contest entry was made in her mother, Evelyn's, name.)

Click here to read moreDue to Shabbat and the Chagim, Leah (and the observant Jewish community, which is her main constituency) has had 15 fewer days than her competitors to vote and promote the contest. Despite this, she has been in one of the top two positions throughout the contest, far ahead of the remaining three candidates. While she is often in the lead on Friday afternoons, motzei shabbat has found her consistently behind by 500 votes.

Please help spread the word, and make up for the votes not cast or solicited on Shabbat and Yom Tov!

YALDAH is written, edited, and published by Jewish girls. YALDAH is published quarterly around September, December, March and June, and is dedicated to supplying Jewish girls with good quality, kosher, reading. YALDAH magazine celebrates Jewish girls and women, Jewish life and values, and creativity. YALDAH aims to connect Jewish girls and inspire them to embrace their Judaism with pride and become Jewish leaders of the future.

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